The Kinslayer Wars

  • The Kinslayer Wars were fought between various groups of Elves, and led the the shattering of the race into various subraces. This has left many ancient ruins scattered around in unusual places, as the terrain and vegetation have changed since the war.

The Hellspawn Wars

  • The Hellspawn Wars were an attempt by an empire of Tieflings to wipe out a kingdom of Dragonborn. However, the war was fought to a stalemate after many decades of warfare, leaving both civilizations in ruin. In fact, neither country still exists, their people scattered to the four winds and the ruined towers and outposts of both sides left to crumble.

The Elemental Sundering

  • A conflict lasting for a century in which the current gods defeated and imprisoned the elder elemental gods. Resulted in the fracturing of the continents into their present number. There are a few abandoned shrines to the elder gods scattered about, all but forgotten.


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